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Autograph letter, written on an aerogramme to R. Chaim Rosen of New York, thanking him for his sefer Bikurei Chaim. Dated 24 Iyar 5724/1964. ™ R. Yosef Dov (Berel) Halevy Soloveitchik (1916- 1982) was the eldest son of R. Yitzchak Zev Halevy Soloveitchik, the famed Brisker Rav. He led the Brisker Yeshiva in Jerusalem from its founding until his passing in 1982. World renowned as great Talmid Chacham and key perpetuator of the popular brisker derech halimud (Talmudical learning approach). Salutary letters from R. Berel are rare, and R. Berel was likely following the model of his father, who had corresponded with R. Chaim’s father, R. Moshe Rosen.

Fine condition; some folds.


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