Legacy Judaica was founded in 2015 by Yehuda Schwarz and A. Zisow of New Jersey. The company aims to service buyers and sellers of fine antique Judaica with fine antiques together with outstanding customer service. Our team is led by Yosef Oratz, and consists of outstanding individuals who are committed to this goal.

Our initial auction scheduled for the winter of 2016, offers over two and twenty hundred lots, from across the globe, spanning a period of over 500 years of Jewish history, from the golden age of the Jewish community in Spain up until the present era.

Throughout the ages, the Jewish people have been known as “the people of the book”. Leafing through the pages of the catalog, the reader will surely be convinced of the accuracy of this description. Whether in times of peace and prosperity, or through war and upheaval, the Jew has remained fiercely loyal to the study of his sacred texts. Some fine specimens of these very texts have survived the ravages of history, bearing hallowed testimony to this tenacity, and are presented herewith for auction. Legacy Judaica welcomes this occasion to invite connoisseurs of fine antique Judaica to peruse our collection, and offers the opportunity to purchase these items and acquire a cherished piece of our timeless heritage.