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Autograph letter of recommendation for R. Eliyahu Gordon of Vilna/New York. Dated 1909. ™ R. Yitzchak Yaakov Reines (1841-1915) was born in Karolin and studied at the Volozhin Yeshiva before becoming the Rav of Saukenai, Lithuania, in 1867. From 1885, he served as Rav in Lida where he founded a Yeshiva that combined traditional Talmudic studies with secular disciplines. As one of the early rabbinical supporters of the nascent Chovavei Zion organization, in 1893 he joined R. Shmuel Mohilever in proposing a settlement in the holy land that would synthesize Torah and labor under the name Mercaz Ruchni (abbreviated as Mizrachi). Although the settlement did not succeed, R. Reines revived the Mizrachi name in 1901, for a new Religious- Zionist movement he founded.

On personal letterhead, 13.5 by 20.5 cm. Pasted onto backing with folds and minor damage to text.

Lot includes vintage postcard featuring a photograph of Rabbi Reines.


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