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Signed letter addressed to R. Eliyahu Marder of Jerusalem. The letter responds in brief to a halachic point raised by R. Marder and requests of him to assist in collecting various responsa of R. Nathanson for inclusion in his Sho’el U’Maishiv. ™ R. Yosef Shaul Nathanson (1808-1875), who served as Chief Rabbi in Lemberg following R. Yaakov Orenstein (Yeshuos Yaakov), was renowned as one of the greatest rabbinical leaders and poskim of his generation. He was held in tremendous esteem by all the great scholars of his era, and he replied to thousands of halachic queries which were sent to him from around the world. His responsa are contained in the multi-volume Sho’el U’Maishiv which is one of the most widely cited halachic seforim authored in recent generations.

16 by 21 cm.

Fine condition, some markings and tape around side.


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