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By R. Tzvi Gutmacher. Contains the works Nachlas Tzvi and Kan Meforeshes authored by R. Tzvi Gutmacher, as well as Tzofnas Panei’ach and Shalom Bepamaliah Shel Ma’ala authored by his father, the famed R. Eliyahu Gutmacher of Greiditz.

R. Eliyahu Gutmacher also known as R. Elya Greiditzer (1796-1875) was one of the foremost disciples of R. Akiva Eiger, and was renowned as a great miracle worker to whom many turned in time of need. He published this sefer in memory of his son R. Tzvi, who passed away in his father’s lifetime. As is well known, he writes in his introduction that “when one is in need of salvation he should learn from this sefer, following which, he should pray, and then he will be answered”. 

Avrohom Yosef ben Aaron press. 1; 28 pages, 2; 44 pages, good condition, minor worming. Mispaginated but complete. 29 cm. (Does not include index to Tzofnas Paneiach which appears in some editions).

With signatures of R. Yekusiel Zalman Graubart, Rabbi of Benzin, Poland and later in New York (died 1942), and bookplate of R. Yaakov Weinberg, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisroel Baltimore.

Bound together with Matana Tova on Tractate Shabbos by R. Michoel Zev Zaboski, Rabbi of Prashovitz. Pietrekow 1908. (Not recorded by Vinograd) 88 pages. Fine condition, also with signature of Rabbi Graubart. Original binding, reinforced spine.



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