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Novella on the weekly Torah portions by R. Dovid of Tolna. ™ R. Dovid of Tolna (1808-1882) was the eldest son of R. Mordechai of Chernobyl and served as a Rebbe, first in Vasilkova and later in Tolna where many thousands of Chasidim flocked to him. One of the most prominent Chasidic leaders of his time, he published this sefer in memory of his son R. Mordechai who tragically passed away in 1877 at the young age of 30. Ultimately R. Dovid himself passed away very soon after the release of this sefer. Hershenhorn/Schneimesser press. 2 title pages. 86 pages. 23 cm. Fair condition, dry paper. Some markings affecting text and corners of some pages lacking not affecting text. Mispaginated but complete. Original binding, (with an incomplete copy of sefer Sheairs Yisroel) reinforced spine.


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