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Autograph letter written to Professor Lutzki of Oxford regarding various manuscripts in the British museum. Seemingly the Rebbe and the professor were acquainted, presumably through their shared interest in antiquities. Additionally requesting of the professor to assist a young man from Poland who is in legal trouble, in obtaining a certificate for emigration to Palestine.

™ R. Moshe Perlow (1891-1942), son of R. Yisrael of Stolin (known as ‘the Frankfurter’ or ‘the Yenuka’), became Rebbe to thousands of Stoliner Chasidim following his father’s passing in 1922. Additionally, he led a large Yeshiva in Stolin. He continued to lead his Chasidim, even under the nefarious persecution of the Soviets, until his tragic martyrdom in the Holocaust. Lot includes printed l’shana tova card from the Rebbe.

Fine condition.


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