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Ethical work by R. Eliezer Yechezkel Papo, author of the Pele Yo’etz. A compendium of lesser-known mussar teachings culled from the Talmud, Zohar, Midrash and other sources, including numerous pages of quotations from the Chida.

R. Eliezer Yechezkel Papo (1785-1827) was known throughout the region of Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria as great scholar and Tzaddik. Although he tragically passed away young, his works remain classics and to this day many flock to his gravesite on his yahrzeit to pray. This was the first of his many works to be published, and the proceeds of the sale of this sefer were earmarked for the publication of his famous Pele Yo’etz.

Vinograd Salonika 666. Bezalel Ashkenazy press. 2, 64 pages. 18.7cm Fine condition some markings minor worming. Modern binding.

With bookplates of R. Yaakov Weinberg Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisroel Baltimore.


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