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Lengthy autograph letter by R. Yeshaya Zilberstein, written to a relative in the U.S.A, Dr. Mittleman. Expressing his appreciation for financial assistance, as well as his heartfelt and warm blessings for the upcoming New Year. ™ R. Yeshaya Zilberstein (died 1930) was one of the most prominent Hungarian rabbinical figures of his era. Born in Jerusalem; he studied in Pressburg under the Ksav Sofer, and in 1884, was appointed to succeed his father as Chief Rabbi of Vietzen. In addition to his rabbinical duties, he also led a great Yeshiva in Vietzen for over 45 years, and authored numerous important works, among them Ma’asey L’Melech.

Fine condition. Dual sided; some stains and folds with some small repairs made with tape. 23.5 cm by 15 cm.


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