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Novella on the Talmud and halachic responsa by R. Yitzchak ben Moshe of Vienna. ™ R. Yitzchak ben Moshe of Vienna (died 1260), commonly known as the Ohr Zaru’a, was one of the greatest Ashkenazic Rishonim. He lived in Wurzburg and later in Vienna. His sefer, which is one of the most fundamental of the early commentators, remained in manuscript form for over 600 years. Eventually R. Akiva Leheren of Amsterdam acquired the manuscript and it was published by the renowned Schapira printing press in Zhitomir to great acclaim. Lot includes, Vinograd Zhitomir 282. Schapira press.2, 232, 4, 184 pages. 36.3 cm. Fair condition, some foxing and staining, minor worming not affecting text. Original binding (worn) reinforced spine. Ohr Zaru’a on tractate Bava Metzia, printed in Jerusalem in 1887 by R. Chaim Hirschenson. 106 pages, 38 cm. Fair condition, some loss to corner of title page not affecting text. Paperback.


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