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Presentation Copy. Rare edition of the first two volumes of the responsa Minchas Elazar. Printed on regal paper. ™ R. Chaim Elazar Shapiro (1868 –1937) was one of the greatest and most influential Chasidic Rebbes of the Twentieth century. Born in Strzyzów he was a scion of the illustrious Shapiro family, descendants of the Bnei Yissocsar. In 1913 he succeeded his father as Rav of Munkacs and the surrounding communities. A prolific writer he authored over 20 seforim. His most notable work was his responsa Minchas Elazar, and it after this work that he is classically known. Kahan & Fried press. Vol one; 6, 87 pages 38 cm. Original binding. Vol 2; 8, 77 pages. 38 cm. Volume one with a gold title page. One folio lacking in volume two and two pages printed on regular paper.


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