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Signed letter (in Yiddish) by R. Hirsch Michelsohn of Warsaw written to Mrs. Necha Golding of New York concerning raising funds for an orphan bride soon to be married. Dated 1939; the letter mentions that the bride is a daughter of the generation’s greatest Tzaddik, however curiously does not provide the name of the Tzaddik in question. ™

R. Tzvi (Hirsh) Yechezkel Michelsohn (1863- 1943) was one of the most prominent rabbinical figures in Poland in the era immediately preceding the Holocaust. Renowned as a great talmid chacham as well as expert sofer, he served first in Polonsk and later as the head of Warsaw’s Va’ad HaRabonim.

On personal letterhead. 22 by 28 cm. Excellent condition. Extremely scarce.


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