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Autograph approbation written for the work of R. Mordechai Rubinstein by the legendary Rav of Lodz, attesting to the author’s integrity and scholarship, and expressing a personal commitment to purchase a copy upon its publication. This manuscript seems to originate from a booklet circulated by the author for the purpose of collecting subscriptions and approbations prior to the sefer’s publication. ™

R. Eliyahu Chaim Meisel (1821-1912) was born near Vilna into a prominent rabbinical family and was named for both the Vilna Gaon and R. Chaim Volozhiner. At a very young age, he was sent to learn in Volozhin where he was known as a brilliant and saintly talmid chacham. He served in various important communities but he was most well known as the Chief Rabbi of Lodz. His sagacious advice was sought on many important issues by Jewish communities throughout Europe.

17 by 11cm. Fine condition, some markings with clear tape around the edges. Two signatures in addition to a rabbinical stamp.


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