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Autograph postcard, dated 1939, written in Yiddish to Mrs. Necha Golding of New York, requesting financial assistance for Nechemya Prager, a student in Yeshiva in Kaminetz.

R. Baruch Ber elaborates on the importance of aiding this bochur, adding that this is a true case of pikuach nefesh, and concludes with warm blessings. Provides the address of R. Isser Malin of Brisk, brother of R. Leib Malin, as the address where the funds should be sent. ™ R. Baruch Ber Leibowitz (1864-1940), one of the most prominent students of R. Chaim Brisker, was a leading Rosh yeshiva in Lithuania in the era immediately preceding the Holocaust. His yeshiva in Kaminetz became a great center of Torah with students coming from all over the world to hear his lectures. His classic work Birchas Shmuel is considered a fundamental text in many Lithuanian yeshivas.

15.5 by 11 cm. Fine condition; small tear on bottom of postcard. Some markings.


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