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Autograph letter by R. Avraham Yitzchak Kook, dated 1923, on personal letterhead. Written to David Tidhar of the Jerusalem Police force requesting a police escort to accompany R. Kook on his walk to the Bais Yaakov Shul (popularly known as the Churvah Shul) on Shabbos Ha’Godol and on the first day of Pesach. ™

David Tidhar (1897–1970) was a Jewish-Israeli police officer. He also authored the monumental Encyclopedia of the Pioneers of the Yishuv. He served in the Palestine Police Force in Jerusalem and was a close confidante of Rav Kook. In 1926 he left the force and established his own private investigation office in Tel Aviv. His personality was popularized by author Shlomo Ben-Yisrael, who founded The Detective Library in 1930, a series of chapbooks which featured The Adventures of David Tidhar: The First Hebrew Detective.

13.8 by 19.4 cm. Pasted onto backing; fair condition. Corner of letterhead missing, not affecting text of letter. Some foxing.


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