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Autograph letter in Hebrew to Rabbi Moshe Rosen thanking him for the newly published volume of his sefer Nezer Ha’Kodesh.

™ Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner (1906-1980) was a great original thinker and one of the most prominent American Roshei Yeshiva of the 20th century. Born in Warsaw, he studied first in Slabodka and later in Chevron. He emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1935 and eventually became the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin. In this capacity he educated generations of students and wielded a great influence on Orthodox Jewry worldwide. His works Toras Ha’Nazir and Pachad Yitzchak received great acclaim, and remain classics of Torah scholarship. Rabbi Moshe Rosen (1871-1956) was one of the most distinguished Talmudic scholars in the United States. As a young rabbi in Lithuania he studied with the Chazon Ish and upon emigrating to the U.S.A he became a Rav in Brownsville. He authored the multi-volume Nezer Ha’Kodesh on the difficult Talmudic order of Kodshim as well as a volume of responsa entitled She’ailos Moshe. He was an important Lithuanian Torah scholar on the American scene and maintained an extensive correspondence with many of the great rabbis of his time.

On personal letterhead. Fine condition. Some folds. 22 by 28 cm


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