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Compendium of various works authored by R. Zechariah Yeshayahu Yolles. With Talmudic novella, both halachic and agaddic, book reviews, poems, and scientific theory as well as the highly controversial work Dover Mesharim, first published in Lemberg 1831. Dover Mesharim was published as a refutation of the sefer Ohr Olam which included various Talmudic indexes attributed to R. Mordechai Yaffe (the Levush). Rabbi Yolles competently disproved the possibility that these indexes were written by the Levush, and ventures that the author was seemingly not particularly proficient in the Talmud. This sparked an outcry, with the Chasam Sofer writing a letter to Rabbi Yolles. What followed was a heated correspondence, ending with an extremely sharp letter written by the Chasam Sofer, published at the end of this sefer (p. 548).

R. Zechariah Yeshayahu Yolles (1814-1852) was born into a rabbinical family and was known from a young age as an outstanding genius. He lived in Minsk where he authored various works and corresponded with the great Torah leaders of the era, as well as with various Jewish intellectuals, known as Maskilim.

At the beginning of the book there appears a photograph of the author and a eulogy delivered by R. Dovid Tevel (author of Nachlas Dovid) on the author’s passing.

Gerber press, 14, 1, 5-548 pages. Fine condition, original binding. With library stamps of R. Y.Y. Ruderman Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisroel, Baltimore.

Extremely scarce. 


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