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R. Wolf (Binyamin) Heidenheim (1757–1832) was a German scholar and grammarian who published many important works. His publications which are renowned for their accuracy, remain popular until today. In 1818 he undertook to publish the Chumash Ein HaSofer, with the objective of providing Sofrim with an extremely accurate text upon which to base their writing of the holy texts. With extensive information about the Mesorah, ta’amim, grammar and general laws about Safrus.

Each volume containing the Chumash, Haphtaros as well as many important laws for Sofrim. Does not contain the Sabbath prayers and various Yotzros which appear in some copies.

Vinograd Rodelheim 74. Heidenheim press.

Volume one, 8, 1, 65, 3, 24, 4 pages. Volume two, 1, 65-119, 8, 28 pages. Volume three, 1, 119-159, 24 pages. Volume four, 1, 159-216, 2, 16 ages. Volume five, 1, 216-267, 18 pages. 18.5 cm.

Fair condition, some staining, many pages with notations of a Sofer. Original bindings (worn).


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