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Lot of two seforim with tens of lengthy unpublished
? KehilasY aakov, Lemberg 1862. Talmudic principles by
R. Yisroel Algazi. 1, 146, 131 pages. 24 cm. Vinograd
Lemberg 1838. Fine condition. Original binding.
? Chidushei Ha”Meiri on Tractate Sukkah. Warsaw
1910. 69 pages. 21. 5 cm. Fine condition. Original
? R. Yeruchum Fischel Perlow (1846- 1934) was
born in Warsaw and at a young age went to study
under R. Yehoshua Leib Diskin in Lomza. He also
learned in Volozhin Yeshiva under the Netziv.
Although he was offered various prominent
rabbinical positions including the Rabbinate of
Lublin and Krakow he rejected them in favor of
being able to learn Torah undisturbed. Known as a
tremendous Talmid Chochom and a prolific writer
his work on the Sefer Ha’ Mitzvos of R. Saadia Gaon
received great acclaim. In 1926 he immigrated to
Yerushalayim where he was held in great esteem.


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